Loren Felton launched TRES in 2015 in celebration for her love indigenous textiles, global travel and exquisite, authentic holiday apparel. Collaborating with artisans in remote regions of Mexico, together they have created a colourful collection for the beach or the city.

It takes one month to make each unique garment and, due to the way they are handcrafted, no two are the same. Naturally dyed cotton thread is woven into each piece with ancient weaving technique that has been used by generations creating one off styles following age-old traditions.

Loren's entrepreneurial spirit combined with her love of travel is very much evident in her collection. Living abroad in Mexico, she was inspired by her mothers-in-law style of tropical dressing at her seaside holiday home in Acapulco. "I love the originality of these kaftans and how comfortable they are to wear. I call them my holiday heroes: they pack easy, work day and night, on a beach, in a city, with or without a belt. They are incredibly versatile." 

TRES helps to support the artisan community. The business values the preservation and growth of artisanal trade throughout Mexico, and believes bringing this work to the world’s high end luxury retailers helps create a place for handmade product in the global luxury market. Traditional Mexican dresses, known as ‘huiplies’, is an art and tradition that was starting to disappear. By supporting the continuity of this craft,

‘TRES’ is helping to keep the age old tradition of back strap weaving alive.

The business contributes to improving their remote community and way of life. It is providing better housing, fees for education, healthier food and better living conditions overall.

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